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Ag Abilities is a semi-competitive event designed to give students with special needs the opportunity to demonstrate their Agricultural knowledge. This event is set up in four tracts. Tracts include Animal Science, Plant Science, Foods and Nutrition and Tractor (riding lawn mower) Driving. Within each of the tracts the subject matter changes on a 4-year rotation. Each rotation is a hands on station with manipulatives that the students are able to show what they know about each subject. This event can be easily adapted to a variety of audiences.

Mini-Workshop Session (activity should be easily demonstrated in 20 minutes and will be repeated 3 times on Friday)
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Workshop Evaluation

Judi Whitson
Email: hcfb@tampabay.rr.com
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Judi is the Executive Director of Hillsborough County Farm Bureau since 1991. She coauthored the Ag-Venture Field Trips for 3rd graders in Hills. Co and won an opportunity to present that program at the 1996 AITC Conference. Since then she coauthored the new Ag-Abilities program for students with disabilities. There have been over 126,000 3rd grade students pass through Ag-Venture and over 1,875 participants in the Ag-Abilities program. Judi has also served in the school system as a resource and presenter on agricultural topics. I was named
Organization/Affiliation: Hills. Co Farm Bureau