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'From Apples to Zucchini: Creating a Context for Teaching STEM in the Garden '

Have you struggled to teach STEM in your school garden? Join us to discover how to incorporate 3D learning through STEM content, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts to explain real-world phenomenon or solve authentic problems.Through a variety of hands-on activities and strategies we hope to motivate, encourage, and support K - 5 teachers who want to explore ways of changing how they teach outdoors.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Karen Garland
Email: karen.garland@cherokee.k12.ga.us
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Person Type: Primary Presenter
State: Georgia
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Main Phone: 7707137808
Biosketch: For the past 6 years, Karen Garland has been the K - 5 Science Discovery Lab teacher at Clark Creek Elementary STEM Academy in Acworth, Georgia. In addition, she was an environmental educator for over 17 years where her duties included writing curricula and teaching workshops. She currently serves on the steering committee for the Council of Outdoor Learning, the Cherokee Farm to School Committee, and a State of Georgia Science Ambassador. Lastly, Karen is a Georgia Master Gardener, beekeeper, and backyard chicken farmer.
Organization/Affiliation: Clark Creek Elementary STEM Academy