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'Farm to Car - How We're Driving Change'

Ford Motor Company would like to present their AITC materials surrounding sustainable materials used in Vehicle production. Example, Soy Beans used to create Soy Foam, tomato fibers used to produce resin, wheat straw to produce carpet, algae to produce foam seats, etc.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Joanne Hogan
Email: jhogan1@ford.com
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State: Michigan
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Main Phone: 313-575-1119
Biosketch: Affinity Program Director with Ford Motor Company
Organization/Affiliation: Ford Motor Company
Caroline Ambrose
Email: jhogan@onemagnify.com
Speaker Order: 2
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Person Type: Presenter 2
State: Michigan
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Main Phone: 313-390-1076
Biosketch: Ford Motor Company Affinity Program Staff
Organization/Affiliation: Ford Motor Company