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'Melons, Mitosis, and Meiosis'

Participants will apply the steps of mitosis and meiosis to watermelon production, and learn how cell division creates the perfect summertime treat – seedless watermelon! This workshop will walk participants through a high school science lesson available on the Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix and use hands-on activities to model melons, mitosis, and meiosis.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Rebekka Israelsen
Email: rebekka.israelsen@usu.edu
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State: Utah
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Biosketch: Rebekka Israelsen graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Education and master's degree in Career and Technical Education. She spent three years in the classroom as a high school agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, and is now employed as a K-12 education specialist for Utah Agriculture in the Classroom.
Organization/Affiliation: Utah Agriculture in the Classroom