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'In Whom Do We Trust?'

Information about our food comes from a myriad of sources including newscasts, social media, friends, governmental agencies, and documentaries. In the absence of a Ouija board, how can a person determine facts from misconceptions and opinions? Participants will use a process to examine the reliability and validity of sources. We’ll evaluate the science behind the stories and discuss “in whom do we trust.” Additionally, we’ll look at examples of predatory journals in which “science” is convincingly portrayed, yet it is inaccurate and often discredited by the academic community. These activities can be used in the classroom as critical thinking exercises.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Denise Stewardson
Email: denise.stewardson@usu.edu
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State: Utah
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Biosketch: Denise Stewardson is an Extension Assistant Professor and Director of the Utah Agriculture in the Classroom program at Utah State University. As a faculty member in the School of Applied Sciences, Technology & Education, she also teaches a social science-based agricultural literacy course on global food production for students of all majors. Denise has a Bachelor's degree in technology education from Eastern Illinois University and a Master's degree in Industrial Arts from the University of Maryland. Denise was born and raised in central Illinois—the Land of Lincoln—among the corn and soybean fields. Combining her formal education in technology education with an emphasis in communication, and her work experience with Agriculture in the Classroom, it seems only fitting that she is now paying homage to her roots as an advocate for agricultural literacy.
Organization/Affiliation: Utah Agriculture in the Classroom, Director