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'Pigs. The Inventors of Bacon.'

Pigs are a major component of our food system. The average American eats 52 pounds of pork per year! Discover why pigs are raised in barns. Learn how many piglets are in a litter. Learn about pig by-products, pork, and so much more. Grab on to some great hands on tools and activities that you can use to teach students about pigs and pork. Learn how farmers keep pigs healthy and protect the environment at the same time.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Will Fett
Email: wfett@iowaagliteracy.org
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Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Will Fett is the Executive Director of the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation. He previously worked for the National FFA Foundation in Indianapolis, and prior to that was an agricultural educator in Montana. He directs and facilitates the Ag in the Classroom program. In this position, he builds partnerships with Iowa agribusiness and individuals to fund the programs and is responsible for the marketing, public relations, and the strategic plan of the organization.
Organization/Affiliation: Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation