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'Digital Farm Pen Pals'

Jessica Santiago-Sterzinar teaches in the Bronx. Rachel Chastain teaches in rural Alabama. While where they teach couldn't be more different, these two teachers have students with A LOT in common. Both Jessica and Rachel work with special needs students and their class curriculums focus on agriculture. Jessica, a tech wizard, created a platform for the classes to post videos and share information about their school agriculture projects and state commondities.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Rachel Chastain
Email: chastain.rachel@aidb.org
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Rachel Chastain works as teacher at the Helen Keller School (HKS) of Alabama. HKS is part of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB). AIDB is the world’s most comprehensive education, rehabilitation and service program serving individuals of all ages who are deaf, blind, deaf-blind and multidisabled. Rachel teaches AgriScience in the Transition Department.
Organization/Affiliation: Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, The Helen Keller School
Jess Santiago-Sterzinar
Email: jsantiago5@schools.nyc.gov
Speaker Order: 2
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Point of Contact,Presenter 2
Biosketch: Ms. Santiago-Sterzinar is a nationally certified STEM teacher where she emphasizes STE(A)M where
Organization/Affiliation: P176X