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'Next Time You See a Bee, Don't Swat It!'

Get ready to get your hands dirty and your minds working! This workshop will engage the senses as the participants explore what bees and ladybugs have in common and their relationship to a vibrant garden. Working with NSTA award winning author, Emily Morgan , and her series of Next Time You See books, presenters will share their three-dimensional resources around the big idea of living things found in the life science standards. Walk away with a packet of ready-made ideas and maybe even a copy of Emily Morgan's newest book!

Mini-Workshop Session (activity should be easily demonstrated in 20 minutes and will be repeated 3 times on Friday)
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Tanna Nicely
Email: tbnicely@yahoo.com
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Tanna grew up on a beef cattle/ tobacco farm in Mascot TN. A graduate of the University of TN, Tanna received her doctorate in leadership from East TN State University and teaches atJohnson University. She has been in education for over 29 years and now serves as an elementary principal in the Knoxville. She also works as an educational consultant for the TAITC. Tanna has served on the TN Science Teachers Association board and has presented at a variety of workshops including the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Staff Development Conference, and the National AITC Conference. Her passions for farming and agriculture garnered her a White/Reinhardt scholarship, a Presidential Award in Science, and a visit to the White House. Tanna lives on Sycamore Farms with her husband Brad. She is now a proud Granna to Norah Beth and Dawson and soon to be two more cowgirls!
Organization/Affiliation: Knox County Schools and TN Foundation for AG in the Classroom