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'The Key to a Tasty Treat!'

Investigate the classification of plants and animals through the lens of a taxonomist! Participants will explore a tasty way to introduce dichotomous keys to their students. This mini workshop will provide an engaging fun way to explain dichotomous keys in your classroom while providing a fundamental knowledge for students to classify more complex, living organisms.

Mini-Workshop Session (activity should be easily demonstrated in 20 minutes and will be repeated 3 times on Friday)
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Brittany Capell
Email: brittany.capell@oregonstate.edu
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Brittany is the Education Programs Coordinator at Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom. Formerly, a high school agricultural sciences teacher, Brittany uses her classroom experience to aid in the development of curriculum that will empower students and instructors with educational advancement experiences through the context of agriculture. Brittany is a graduate of Oregon State University where she received a Bachelor's of Science in Agricultural Sciences and a Master's of Science in Agricultural Education.
Organization/Affiliation: Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom