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'Water Activities for Students Exploration'

Macroinvertebrates are animals without a backbone that can be seen without magnification. Mostly aquatic insects, this category can also include worms and crustaceans. We will conduct a short analysis of water chemistry since some macro invertebrates can live in unhealthy water and others require a cleaner aquatic environment. We will then sort and categorize these animals based on their need for clean water. Finally, we will predict if their home is a forest, farm or factory. Door prizes of water testing kits and a macro mayhem activity set will be offered.

Mini-Workshop Session (activity should be easily demonstrated in 20 minutes and will be repeated 3 times on Friday)
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Linda Hardee
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Biosketch: Linda Hardee is a retired gifted specialist and holds a Master's in Education from the University of South Alabama. She served 3rd-5th graders as a resource teacher. She taught every student in her school (Highlands Elementary) in Grades Pre-K through fifth. Her passions are environment, agriculture and geography.
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