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'Technology in the Garden: Using Mobile Devices to Record and Share Your Ag Experiences '

Bring your device and learn to teach your students to share their agriculture experiences using their camera and the apps: PicCollage, Book Creator, and Animoto. Students engage in higher order thinking as they create pictures and videos that demonstrate understanding of curriculum and tell their garden stories.Our youngest students make shape and color collages. Our second graders show off their knowledge of plant parts and practice writing while creating videos. Our older students write books they share with the younger children. By mastering these simple, free apps, the opportunities to incorporate the garden into the curriculum are endless.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Jennifer Massengill
Email: jmasse@hra.org
Speaker Order: 1
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Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Jennifer is a Science and Technology Specialist teaching Junior Kindergarten through 4th grade at Hampton Roads Academy. She received both her BA and MAEd from The College of William and Mary with 22 years in between. During that time Jennifer worked in the Peace Corps and the education departments of zoos, museums, and outdoor centers. Jennifer is very grateful for Ag in the Classroom's resources and support as she has received grants to develop the school garden and take students on field trips. In 2018 Jennifer was named Virgina AITC Teacher of the Year and received the USDA Excellence in Teaching Award.Jennifer is looking forward to a new challenge as her school opens a 1,000 square foot hydroponic lab in December 2019 and she works to incorporate it into the curriculum and supply her cafeteria with fresh food grown by the students.
Organization/Affiliation: Hampton Roads Academy