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'The Water Footprint of Food'

We often hear about the carbon footprint of our food supply, but how often do we think about the water footprint of our food? Use a Water Footprint Product Gallery to calculate the volume of water required to produce specific foods along their supply chain; and identify green, blue, and grey water management categories to understand how the inputs of rainfall and irrigation influence food production. Evaluate the impacts of our food choices and think critically about the human dimensions of sustainable water use in food production. Bring a smart device to access the Product Gallery (not required).

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Denise Stewardson
Email: denise.stewardson@usu.edu
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Biosketch: Denise Stewardson is an Extension Associate Professor and Director of the Utah Agriculture in the Classroom program at Utah State University. As a faculty member in the School of Applied Sciences, Technology & Education, she also teaches a social science-based agricultural literacy course on global food production for students of all majors. Denise has a Bachelor's degree in technology education from Eastern Illinois University and a Master's degree in Industrial Arts from the University of Maryland. Denise was born and raised in central Illinois—the Land of Lincoln—among the corn and soybean fields. Combining her formal education in technology education with an emphasis in communication, and her work experience with Agriculture in the Classroom, it seems only fitting that she is now paying homage to her roots as an advocate for agricultural literacy.
Organization/Affiliation: Utah Agriculture in the Classroom, Director