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'Virtual Field Trip: Discover the Cows, Community, and Journey of Dairy in Your Classroom'

It can be difficult for students to connect classroom concepts to the real world. Attendees will experience a live virtual field trip to a dairy farm to enhance their learning and understanding as they see how a farmer puts concepts discussed into practice. We will explore opportunities to connect the tour and STEM concepts for different age groups. How does milk get from the farm to their dinner table? Take a chance to investigate how energy transfers from the sun to the food they eat. Finally, the many career possibilities which intersect within the dairy and food industry.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Rashel Clark
Email: rclark@dairywest.com
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Biosketch: Rashel Clark is a Registered Dietitian, and completed her bachelor's education at Utah State University, and master's degree in human nutrition from West Virginia University. She now works for Dairy West and and serves as a vital link supporting nutrition science and research to educators, school food service professionals and health professionals.
Organization/Affiliation: Dairy West