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'"How Does it Grow?" Puzzled No More!'

Do you love using Nicole Jolly’s “How Does it Grow?” videos? You can amplify the reading comprehension, math knowledge and social studies integration of her fabulous programming as well as any other web based videos, utilizing a unique website called EdPuzzle. Learn how to insert questions, prevent skipping, and add interactive elements to presentations. Boost audience engagement and track student progress. You will love the ability to take any YouTube video and customize the content delivery to the specific needs of each audience. This program is easily linked to Google classroom.

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Julie Cates
Email: jcates@vusd.org
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
Biosketch: Julie Cates is a sixth grade teacher in the Central Valley of California. Mrs. Cates has a passion for agriculture and nutrition education which she enthusiastically shares with anyone who will listen and all who like to eat! While working as a Nutrition Program Coordinator for the University of California Cooperative Extension, she joined Twitter and followed The Produce Moms. In 2015, Mrs. Cates began enhancing her career in education, she became a classroom teacher. Mrs. Cates knew that she wanted to incorporate nutrition education and food sampling in her weekly projects. She contacted Lori Taylor, founder of The Produce Moms to inquire about using the FindYourFavorite trademark and adding a hashtag and the word Friday for a class campaign. Cates secured a grant from California Ag in the Classroom and earned the title, “Educator of the Year, 2015” for her innovative use of social media, taste tests, farmer visits and agriculture education across English, math, and science curricula.
Organization/Affiliation: Sixth Grade Teacher, Linwood Elementary, Visalia, California