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'"Toying" with Agriculture'

Participants will learn how to add FUN to their Ag in the Classroom curriculum by creating an Ag-version of Jenga. Each participant will leave the session with a mini-version of the game Jenga that incorporates all areas of agriculture.

Mini-Workshop Session (activity should be easily demonstrated in 20 minutes and will be repeated 3 times on Friday)
Workshop Evaluation

Debra Wood
Email: debra.deskin@edmondschools.net
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
State: Oklahoma
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Main Phone: 405-620-1806
Biosketch: Debra Deskin is an experienced elementary teacher from the Edmond Public Schools in central Oklahoma where she teaches Gifted and Talented. Debra has been an active Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom teacher and has presented numerous times at the local, state, and national level. She was the 2014 Luther District Teacher of the Year. In 2017, she was named the Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year. Debra uses a very interactive classroom environment and promotes a project based teaching style.
Organization/Affiliation: Edmond Public Schools