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'Buzzing Through a Year of Ag in Kindergarten'

Agriculture goes hand in hand with science, as well other subjects. I’d like to share some STEM projects from my classroom. Using a PowerPoint and hands-on materials, participants will journey through a lesson based on the text “From Plant to Seed” using enrichment activities to integrate NGSS and integrate ELA, mathematics, science and ag. Focusing on integration leads to greater student involvement, motivation and retention of content. I will share my Kinder Kicks blog with activities that incorporate agriculture. I am passionate about providing young students with meaningful and rigorous lessons. Participants will create a “Travelers Log” for notes!

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Karen Parrino
Email: karen.parrino@lpsb.org
Speaker Order: 1
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Person Type: Point of Contact,Primary Presenter
State: Louisiana
If OTHER, please specify:: United States
Main Phone: 225-202-8369
Biosketch: I am Karen K. Parrino. I was honored to be the Louisiana Elementary Ag in the Classroom Teacher for 2017. I am an L.S.U graduate with a Master’s + 30 and a Teacher Leader Endorsement, as well as a Reading Specialist. I have 27 years’ experience in early childhood education. In addition, I am a National Board-Certified Teacher. I am passionate about integrating science and agriculture into the curriculum and providing young students with engaging, hands-on and meaningful experiences. I was the Louisiana Science Teacher's Association's 2016 Elementary Science Teacher of the Year. I recently served as a member of Louisiana’s Science Standards Elementary work group and Science Standards Steering Committee for the state of La. I present on a district, state and national level and I LOVE teaching Kindergarten!
Organization/Affiliation: Livingston Parish Public Schools