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'Drive through Florida: Aquaculture and Seafood'

A non-fiction book entitled "Drive through Florida: Aquaculture and Seafood" - developed by Florida Agriculture in the Classroom and Florida Department of Agriculture and - features 13 aquaculture and wild-caught seafood species. The book has reached thousands of elementary school students in Florida classrooms on Florida Agriculture Literacy Day. Topics include commercial uses for each species, sustainability efforts, major geographic areas of production and common attributes. Attendees will receive books for use in their educational settings and supplemental hands-on resources. Attendees will also be able to compare Florida aquaculture and wild-caught seafood harvesting to the production of other states.

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Arlette Roberge
Email: Arlette.Roberge@FreshFromFlorida.com
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State: Florida
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Main Phone: 850-617-7326
Biosketch: Arlette Roberge has been employed in the fields of advertising, visual communications and public relations for over 25 years, working for various advertising agencies and publishing companies. While serving as Public Information Director for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, she was responsible for the development of environmental, consumer, food safety and agriculture commodity campaigns in print media. Currently working in the area of agriculture education, she develops and expands agriculture education programs to assist the goals of related agriculture education organizations.
Organization/Affiliation: Florida Department of Agricuture and Consumer Services