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'Cow to Cup: Understanding Dairy Production and Careers in the Dairy Industry'

This presentation introduces a series of online modules developed to teach students about dairy production, and careers in the dairy industry. These interactive modules can either be used as part of a classroom presentation, or can be provided to students to work through independently in preparation for a more in depth discussion. Modules cover careers and STEM topics in breeding and genetics, farm-based production, processing of products and retailing agricultural products. The modules have been developed purposefully for alignment with science, health and wellness and other standards at the high school level.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Emma Allen
Email: allen129@purdue.edu
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
State: Indiana
If OTHER, please specify::
Main Phone: 7654948433
Biosketch: Emma Allen is a graduate of Purdue University, where she earned a Bachelor's in Animal Sciences, and a Master's in Youth Development and Agricultural Education. Emma is passionate about teaching agriculture to people, especially those from a non-agricultural background. Emma developed and tested the Cow to Cup production modules as a primary component of her M.S. research.
Organization/Affiliation: Purdue University
Kristy Oates
Email: koates@purdue.edu
Speaker Order: 2
Author Order: 2
Person Type: Presenter 2
State: Indiana
If OTHER, please specify::
Main Phone: 7654948433
Biosketch: Kristy Oates earned her BS and MS degrees at Purdue University. Her BS is in Animal Science, and her MS is in Youth Development and Agricultural Education, with a focus on Instructional Design.Kristy is passionate about youth understanding the breadth of careers available in the agricultural industry, and not limiting themselves to the often thought of choices such as veterinary medicine. Kristy developed the Cow to Cup Careers modules as a component of her MS degree, and is currently working at Purdue University as an Instructional Designer.
Organization/Affiliation: Purdue University