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'Using a Pizza Garden to Engage Exceptional Students in Multisensory Learning Opportunities '

In this presentation, I will share how our project “Growing a Pizza Garden” was used to engage exceptional students in grades 9th-12th in STEM activities. Connecting real life opportunities to the curriculum is a key element to progress in acquiring life skills. Many students who do not excel in traditional classroom pen and paper tasks excel in multi-sensory activities. The results were documented: spontaneous verbal communication and socially appropriate behaviors increased during the activities, science and math objectives were mastered from the Alabama Alternative Assessment, and career exploration goals were achieved. And it was fun!

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Shelley Jones
Email: jonessb@bibbed.org
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State: Alabama
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Main Phone: 205-913-3139
Biosketch: Shelley Jones is a speech/language pathologist employed by the Bibb County Board of Education. She currently serves eight schools in this rural community. She has been a 4H Volunteer leader for 26 years. She lives on a 100 acre horse rescue that is home to 25 rescue horses. She often uses the horses in school programs and her therapy dog Webster comes to work with her.
Organization/Affiliation: Bibb County Board of Education