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'Food Labels - Fact and Fiction'

Organic, sustainable, local, free range, cage free, grass fed, vegan, fresh, gluten free, cholesterol free ... in today's world there are many labels that are put on our food and they are not as straight forward as you may be lead to believe. Help your students to develop a better understanding of the different forms of agriculture as well as read and comprehend food labeling. Knowing what different labeling means will allow consumers to make more educated decisions in purchasing food products and encourage agriculturalists to develop more meaningful marketing plans.

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Holly Partridge
Email: hpartridge@gvboces.org
Speaker Order: 1
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Person Type: Primary Presenter
State: New York
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Main Phone: 585-344-7711 ext 2101
Biosketch: Currently, Holly Teaches Animal Science at Genesee Valley Educational Partnership where the curriculum focuses on Dog Grooming, Small Animals, Small Ruminants, Poultry and career development. As co-adviser of the FFA she gears all instruction towards leadership and employability skills. Real life experiences and teachable moments provide the learning environment for her students. As a certified agriculture teacher and daughter of a veterinarian, past dairy farmer, dog breeder, shepherd and past board member of the American Teeswater Association Holly brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her interest in the farm to table movement stimulated the research for this presentation. If we are what we eat we need to know what we are eating.
Organization/Affiliation: Genesee Valley Educational Partnership