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'Fabulous Agriculture Websites for You and ME!'

Ever wonder why those tasty cranberries are harvested in bogs? What is a bog anyway? Need some ideas for how to turn your students into citizen scientists? Would you like to use yoga to teach your students the parts of a plant? Come discover incredible new online agriculture resources which will inspire you and stimulate your students. We will investigate many intriguing websites by looking at online resources you probably never knew were there and cover a wide range of agricultural topics that you can take home to invigorate your lessons and support activities. Detailed resource list provided.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Pam Hosimer
Email: phosimer@verizon.net
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 0
Person Type: Primary Presenter
State: Maryland
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Main Phone: 301-367-4874
Biosketch: Pam Hosimer is a Nutrition Educator and Master Gardener for University of Maryland Extension. She utilizes a multimedia approach with students in the classroom and the garden. She is an active Master Gardener speaker and a member of the Grow It Eat It state team, supporting sustainable food gardening in Maryland since its inception in 2009. Pam’s engaging presentations have taken her around the country to lead workshops at the 2011 International Master Gardener Conference in Charleston, WV, the 2018 Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education Conference in Ocean City, Maryland, the 2018 American Horticultural Society’s National Children & Youth Garden Symposium in Portland, ME and NAITC since 2015. She merges traditional curriculum topics with books, online resources and innovative activities, giving teachers a toolbox of resources to teach agriculture effortlessly within their curriculum. Pam has a Master of Library and Information Science from University of Maryland.
Organization/Affiliation: University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener