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'All Aboard! STEAM Your Way to Ag Literacy'

During this STEM/STEAM workshop, we will share our progress with the Ag Literacy Reader program that we developed as a partnership between our high school and local elementary school. Watch high school students in action as they conduct “live plant” and “live animal” demonstrations! Learn how to replicate this concept in your schools—using high school students, ag-industry business leaders, and community volunteers. Participants will take part in hands-on “Ag-tivities” in an experiential learning environment, just as students would in a real classroom visit. All materials are aligned to Common Core Standards and National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
Workshop Evaluation

Lisa Owens
Email: lisamicheleowens@gmail.com
Speaker Order: 1
Author Order: 1
Person Type: Primary Presenter
State: Louisiana
If OTHER, please specify::
Main Phone: 318-245-2117
Biosketch: Lisa Owens serves as a volunteer for the Louisiana Ag in the Classroom state committee. She has been actively involved with Ag in the Classroom since 2002, when she attended her first AITC teacher workshop. Lisa was awarded the Louisiana Excellence in Agriculture Award in 2004, and has since attended and presented at numerous local, regional, state, and national AITC workshops and conferences. Mrs. Owens is currently teaching English and Fine Arts, and serves as librarian/media center specialist for Homer High School. She works with the local Farm Bureau organizations in Lincoln Parish and Claiborne Parish, helping to coordinate AITC literacy programs and fall teacher workshops in her district. Lisa’s hobbies include reading, gardening, and cooking for family and friends. She also enjoys traveling and collecting educational materials and new ideas to share with her students and her fellow teachers.
Organization/Affiliation: Lincoln Parish Farm Bureau/Homer High School
Erika Anderson
Email: erika.anderson@claibornepsb.org
Speaker Order: 2
Author Order: 2
Person Type: Presenter 2
State: Louisiana
If OTHER, please specify::
Main Phone: 318-927-2985
Biosketch: Erika Anderson got involved with Ag in the Classroom last year when she received a CHS Scholarship to attend the national AITC conference. Agriculture has always been a huge part of her life, growing up on a small family farm and being extremely active in the 4-H program. After volunteering and working several years with the extension service, she now serves as the ag science and vocational science teacher at Homer High School. She also serves as the FFA and 4-H advisor. When she is not working with her students, she spends her time taking care of the family farm and showing her registered Paint and Pinto horses.
Organization/Affiliation: Homer High School