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'Weaving Together Native American Studies and Agriculture Education in Grades 3 to 5'

Explore hands-on lesson ideas that weave together Native American studies and agriculture education. Typically, Native American studies curricula in social studies are examined in past tense. The workshop would be centered on changing the narrative to present tense when teaching about Native Americans and honoring Native American cultures and traditions in regard to agriculture. Additionally, participants learn about current agriculture projects in Native American communities that can be used as resources for teachers. The workshop is aligned with the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Browning Neddeau
Email: bneddeau@csumb.edu
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State: California
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Main Phone: (408) 582-4042
Biosketch: Browning Neddeau, M.A., Ed.D. is an Assistant Professor of Education in the Liberal Studies Department at California State University, Monterey Bay. Browning’s research is centered on arts education, agricultural education, and Native American culturally-appropriate representation in schools. In addition to his work at the university, Browning leads professional development and builds partnerships in arts, agriculture, education, and Native American communities. He has been engaged with work in curricular alignment and presentations with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom since 2011. Prior to being a full-time university faculty member, Browning was a full-time elementary school classroom teacher where he spent the majority of his time as a fourth-grade teacher.
Organization/Affiliation: California State University, Monterey Bay