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'Saving the Seeds to Preserve History and Biodiversity'

In this workshop, you will discover the magic of saving seeds. You will learn about the project and its correlation to biodiversity and history. The most unique aspect of the program, its historic seed collection will be highlighted. For example, the latest donation will help restore 'Bere' barley to the peninsula of Kintyre in Scotland. At one time this barley, thought to have been introduced to Scotland by the Vikings as early as 900 A.D. was extensively grown but, had since been lost. Additionally, a selection of plants are being grown from the Inca Indians of the Andes region of South America highlighted in the book, "Lost Crop of the Incas".

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Neil Lash
Email: neil_lash@msad40.org
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Biosketch: Neil Lash is co-founder and director of Medomak Valley High School's internationally recognized Heirloom Seed Project. This is the oldest and largest program of its type in North America. Some of their seeds have been sent to the gardens of Monticello and Mount Vernon, as well as gardens and research institutions in many countries across the globe. Neil teaches history through the eyes of seeds. His students learn to grow, save, catalog, research and distribute these rare gems!
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