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'Keeping Honeybees in YOUR School!'

The Hampden Academy Beekeeping Club was established to give students and staff at the school an in-depth appreciation of the role and value of honeybees in the environment. The program, including colonies housed on the school grounds, allows members first-hand experience in bee husbandry, equipment use, honey and beeswax harvesting, as well as the packaging and selling of the products. Activities are linked to curriculum whenever possible. This workshop will describe establishment of the program including obstacles and outcomes, hoping to help and encourage other schools across the country in similar programs.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Peter & Anne Cowin
Email: petercowin@tds.net
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Biosketch: Peter Cowin, also known as “The Bee Whisperer” is a semi-professional beekeeper and instructor who has been keeping honeybees since he was 11. He manages about 70 colonies, is president of the Penobscot County Beekeepers, and teaches classes all over the state through adult education programs. Anne Cowin is the “Jobs for Maine Graduates” specialist at Hampden Academy and founded the Beekeeping Club there while working as a library assistant. Hampden School District has their own hives on the school grounds and Anne coordinates club activities with students and staff at the high school.
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