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'Learn to Develop Engaging STEM Lessons in Less Than 60 Minutes'

On the Northeast coast of South America, a creature is lurking in the sugarcane and corn fields. This creature is causing all types of havoc for farmers and agronomists- but what could it be? Join Monsanto Co. to learn how engineers and scientists work together to solve for some of the most complicated challenges in agriculture. This session is for educators of any grade level. The instructor will help show you how to take any challenge culturally relevant to your area and turn it into an engineering based lesson. Here’s the great news: It will cost you $5 maximum in consumables. Bring your engineering skills and don’t be afraid to fail during this exercise.

Workshop Session (all workshops will be 60 minutes)
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Valerie Bayes
Email: valerie.n.bayes@monsanto.com
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Person Type: Point of Contact,Primary Presenter
State: Missouri
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Main Phone: 314-478-8359
Biosketch: 'I don’t know all the answers- that’s why I keep asking questions.' Tangible learner. Dangerously curious. Valerie Bayes holds a degree in Biological Sciences from University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master's Degree from Lindenwood University in Teaching with certification in secondary biology. She serves as Monsanto’s STEM Engagement Lead in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up Valerie often found her curiosity getting her into trouble. From building treehouses out of recycled materials to jumping off the roof with an umbrella – asking “why” and “how” she has always been the curious type asking about phenomena and testing hypothesis. She is a strong advocate for the scientific method. Her work focuses on creating authentic agricultural experiences demonstrating the sophistication and integral nature of STEM through agriculture.
Organization/Affiliation: Monsanto Company